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Aquatouch Monitoring System

Product DescriptionAquatouch
The Aquatouch Monitoring System features touch screen controls to monitor water quality for pH, Conductivity, Water Temperature, Room Temperature, Low Water Level, Filter Pressure, Dissolved Oxygen, and Total Gas Pressure in aquatics housing.

Remote internet access allows multi-level security to view system readings, perform programming updates and changes to the system from anywhere with internet access.  Alarms are sent via email and SMS text messages.  Data storage and auto system shut off is included.

FeaturesAquatouch controller
Touch Screen menu with user friendly interface and easy to follow set-up instructions.  The Aquaneering technical service team will assist with initial setup and subsequent administrative support.
Remote Access via web server allows authorized users to view “real time” system status from anywhere in the world (internet access required).
Monitors pH, Conductivity, Water Temperature, Room Temperature, and Low Water Level.  Add-on capability is available for monitoring Filter Pressure, Dissolved Oxygen, and Total Gas Pressure.
Data-Log – Micro SD card (up to 4 GB) logs data for download via web server.           
Controls – Automatically turn off System Pumps and UV in case of low water level and high total gas pressure.  Can be programmed for timed water exchanges.
Alarms – SMS and e-mail alerts for up to 30 destinations and 3 levels of alarm groups.
Security – Built-in multi-level security allows all users to see parameters, yet only administrators can make changes.  Remote access via password protected web server allows programming updates and changes by authorized personnel.

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