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Fluidized Bed Biofilters

Product Description
Fluidized bed Biofilter systems by Aquaneering are designed to be integrated into any size flow-through system and have proven to produce superior water quality with undetectable levels of ammonia, which is ideal for hatching, rearing, and holding live fish and crustaceans. fluidized bed biofilter FBB water flow Fluidized bed filters use a fine sand media that provides a tremendous area for 200 – 1000 different types of beneficial bacteria to grow, assuring a biologically stable ecology in the tank system. The bacteria population is constantly starved, which results in extreme “shock-loading” capabilities, and allows the filter to nitrify large amounts of ammonia without any change in the overall water quality. With upflow water circulation, the sand media acts as a fluid and will not short circuit or require maintenance as gravity and pressurized sand filters do.

Product Information
Aquaneering Fluidized Bed FBB - series packages come complete with the right size pumps, plumbing, hardware, and a packed column for CO2 stripping and oxygen saturation. These systems can be integrated into any size existing filter system or stand alone as a complete biofilter.


Part Number Vessel Size Flow Rate Sand* (Lbs.)
  FBB15-006 15”x48" 6 GPM 300  
  FBB15-012 15”x48" 12 GPM 300  
  FBB21-012 21”x60" 12 GPM 600  
  FBB21-025 21”x60" 25 GPM 600  
  FBB30-025 30”x72" 25 GPM 1,200  
  FBB30-050 30”x72" 50 GPM 1,200  
  FBB42-050 42”x84" 50 GPM 2,500  
  FBB42-100 42”x84" 100 GPM 2,500  
  FBB60-100 60”x96" 100 GPM 5,000  
  FBB60-200 60”x96" 200 GPM 5,000  
  FBB72-200 72”x102" 200 GPM 10,000  
  FBB72-400 72”x102" 400 GPM 10,000  


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