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Light Cycles

Photoperiod is critical for zebrafish in regulating growth and reproduction. Zebrafish larvae reared in constant light will exhibit visual acuity and behavioral problems, whereas complete darkness may prevent the development of zebrafish embryos. The recommended light cycle for zebrafish is 14 hours on, 10 hours off.
Aquaneering offers light enclosures and light hoods, as well as two options for light cycle control: programmable timer and our new AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk. In addition, Aquaneering supplies clear lids for tanks inside the light
boxes and enclosures to ensure that the zebrafish receive adequate levels of light. Light to the tanks is provided by LED light ropes secured to the shelves. LED lights use minimal power and produce no heat.

Light Enclosure   Light Box Insert   Dawn to Dusk Light Control
Light Enclosures   Light Boxes   Light Cycle Timers




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Jennings, Maggy and Barney Reed. Guidance on the Housing and Care of Zebrafish Danio Rerio.

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